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I thought I’d start with a little about me.  First, I am a wife and mother.  My oldest is in middle school, and I have boy-girl twins that are in the 3rd grade.  With the time I have left after transporting my children to all of their activities, I enjoy watching movies, trying new things such as glass blowing, and I love a good Pinterest party planning session!   

I started my photography business in 2013 when my twins were not quite a year old and have built it solely on referrals over the years. My clients have become good friends, and I have seen many families through life events such as bringing home their newborns, yearly family sessions, senior photos, and more. I dipped my toes into real estate photography in May 2022 when I took over the business of a very talented real estate photographer after she moved to South Carolina.  In this newest line of work, I have very much enjoyed working for realtors, builders, and designers.  I care deeply about my clients and have built a relationship with them over the years. I promise to give you and your clients this same level of care, dedication and quality work!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with all your photography needs!

    Jennifer Dues

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